Helpful tips for iPhone and iPad

Below are two very helpful tips for those that own an iPad or iPhone. These settings are not very well known, but can be essential - especially if you are allowing your children to use these devices.

Lock to a specific app

Not too many people realize that Apple has a built in feature that allows you to lock an app that is being used, so that only that app and no others can be used until a code is entered. This is essential if your children are playing or learning on an iOS app and you don't want them "wandering" off to other things like the internet etc.

You can even restrict a specific area of the screen so they cannot press buttons to go out of the activity you intended.

You can see step-by-step instructions here:


Restrictions and Filtering

Apple offers built in filtering of web content which will filter all apps. They also offer a feature to lock certain features and apps such as Youtube etc.

Details here:

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