Filtering now available for Android!

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Exciting news for Android users

We have exciting news that you may not have heard yet. Filtering is now available for the Covenant Eyes app for Android™!

We wanted to give you a heads-up about two big changes that come along with this new release, one of which impacts everybody:

First, Covenant Eyes is dropping support for certain browsers. Certain browsers will be blocked for all users. Depending on how your Filter is set up, certain apps may be blocked for Filter users.

Starting with this update, Covenant Eyes will only support the Google Chrome browser, the default “Internet" browser, and the Silk browser on Kindle. In fact, if you try to open an unsupported browser, the app will be blocked and you’ll be directed to open a supported browser instead. (That’s true whether you use Internet Accountability alone or also use Filtering.)

This is a great step forward for preventing unmonitored access, and it will allow us to focus our work and give you a better Accountability experience on Chrome and the stock browser. However, it also means that if you currently use an unsupported browser, you should transfer any bookmarks to either Chrome or Internet before you lose access to them.

Second, the Filter works like normal on supported browsers, and may also block some apps completely.

On a supported browser, the Filter will work like it works on a computer: if you try to go to a website rated above your Filter Sensitivity Level, then you’ll see the Filter Block Page, but will be able to browse to other web pages without issues. (Time of Day Blocking is not currently available for Android.)

Filtering is not currently available within other supported apps, such as Facebook. However, depending on your Filter Sensitivity Level, the Filter may block you from using it completely.

For instance, let’s say you have the Filter Sensitivity Level set to Youth and try to open the Facebook app. Because most social media sites are rated Teen, you’ll see the Filter Block page instead of seeing your feed. Your Filter Guardian will be able to enter their password to temporarily override the Filter.

We recommend you review your Filter settings before installing this update.

To recap, here’s what to do next:

Move your bookmarks over to the Chrome or default browser before you hit “update."
Review your Filter settings.
If you don’t already use the Filter, add it to your account.
If you have any questions, we’d love to talk to you!

The WebChaver Team

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