What is The Difference between Visited, Supporting and Uncomfirmed URL's ?

In order to bring more clarity to Internet Accountability Reports and the Detailed Browsing Logs, Covenant Eyes categorizes URLs as Visited, Supporting, or Unconfirmed.

A Visited site is one that has been confirmed as being opened by a Covenant Eyes supported browser. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer on Covenant Eyes for Windows versions and higher.

A Supporting item is a URL accessed through one of the above-mentioned browsers that has not been confirmed as opened by the user. These include but are not limited to ads, sharing buttons, and website architecture like .css and .json.

An Unconfirmed item is any Internet activity that has not come in through a supported browser, or that our system was unable to verify as Visited or Supporting. This may include URLs accessed by iTunes, desktop applications like Tweetdeck, software updates, etc.

Internet Accountability Reports show only visited and unconfirmed URLs. All URL types are visible in the Detailed Browsing Logs.

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